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Discovered! Panic Attack Headaches & Migraines Linked to Panic Attack Disorders

April 14th, 2021

Panic attacks appear suddenly without discretion and often are very intense. The fear that is associated with this condition will cause a person to experience anxiety to the point they will have a panic attack headache.

People who regularly suffer from migraines are the ones most susceptible to having a panic attack headache. Migraines are intense and severe and often are debilitating to the point of putting a person in bed for days. The intense pain and sensitivity to light make this type of headache the most difficult to bear.

Many studies have shown that migraines usually have some sort of a trigger. In cases of people who suffer from panic attacks the attack is often the trigger that sets off the headache.

Other people who do not suffer from migraines may also suffer from a panic attack headache. If the fear and anxiety is severe the person may find that they are unable to relax. Tension restricts blood flow and will often cause headaches and dizzy spells.

Normal symptoms of a panic attack can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. The longer the duration of the attack the more likely you will develop a panic attack headache. It is best if you are prepared to deal with a this condition before it gets to that point.

When a person goes into a panic attack the body produces a sudden rush of hormones such as adrenaline which is produced to help protect the body from harm. This sudden adrenaline rush will cause the heart rate to increase and can produce symptoms such as sweating, chest pain, extreme fear and anxiety, and a sudden headache.

In most cases when the panic attack subsides, the adrenaline level will revert back to normal and the headache will subside also. For others, the headache may last several hours. In the more severe cases where the panic attack headache becomes a migraine, over the counter medications may not be helpful. For the minor headache that occurs you may find relief with something such as ibuprofen or Tylenol.

Panic attacks affect people in different ways. There is really no way of knowing how this condition will affect you until you have experienced them. Some people only experience fear but other experience physical symptoms such as a headache. Knowing how panic attacks affect you can help you deal with them more effectively. It may even be possible to prevent this condition from turning into a panic attach headache. Learning to relax and work your way through an attack can go a long way in relieving the symptoms.

If you suffer from panic attacks that lead to panic attack headaches you should consult your doctor to determine ways to help you work through your attacks. Suffering from this condition is very disturbing for many because of the physical symptoms that go along with them. Having a severe headache can take you away from your family and ruin your life. With a throbbing headache you will not be able to function and think properly. Getting the help you need to prevent them is of the utmost importance.